Lexus LS 460 Review

This particular line of full-size luxury sedans has been around for decades. There were actually rumors that Lexus is going to discontinue the model due to the sales slump. But, since the dip in sales is more of a result of the world-wide craze with the SUVs and crossovers and not a consequence of a sub-par quality of the LS, Lexus has decided to keep the line alive and it looks like they’ve made the right decision. This year we’ve already seen the unbelievable 2020 LS 500 priced well above 100 000 USD. Now, having said that, let’s focus on our pièce de résistance of the day – the LS 460, a great vehicle “consistently rated by consumers as one of the most satisfying models to own”. 

The Pros

  • World-class craftsmanship
  • Outstanding all-round well-crafted interior
  • Inexpensive ownership costs within its class
  • Exceptional ride quality
  • Top-notch cabin insulation  
  • Unbeatable ROI 

The Cons

  • Unimpressive infotainment
  • So-so acceleration and handling  
  • Rivals offer better fuel economy 

Lexus LS 460 Overview

Lexus LS 460

The LS 460 is an upscale stylish Lexus-quality sedan. If it wasn’t for a few imperfections here and there it would literally be perfection.  There’s outstanding craftsmanship, very impressive standard driver assistance and safety tech and the level of seating comfort is truly something special, down to the superb shiatsu massage option. Though, unfortunately, there are serious drawbacks like the subpar infotainment or the so-so handling. 

The LS 460 comes in three trims: the base LS 460 model, the F Sport trim and the 460 L, all are fully loaded luxury vehicles with a very impressive line of safety and convenience features and functions. The main difference between the base and the L is the number of passengers, the LS 460 is a five-seater and the LA 460 L with the  extended-wheelbase can be made into a four-seater with the addition of the central console. 


Without a single doubt – it’s a Lexus with a fabulous exterior immediately identified around the world. Bold, sleek, upscale it is unapologetically aggressive and in-your-face with pronounced sharp lines, bulging hood, blade-like corners and, of course, huge trademark spindle grille. Overall, it’s an impressive sleek car for those who wish to be noticed, this one doesn’t blend in with the traffic. 

Exterior of the Lexus LS 460


It is surely an upscale interior, well thought-through, logical, pleasant, and fully packed with luxury materials. The seating is sublime, there is more than enough available space, and everything is conveniently within reach. The abundance of cutting edge tech and almost futuristic looking dashboard all tell you that you are in a Lexus. The only drawback, as always, is the infotainment system, and most of the complaints point to the frustrating and hard to use Remote Touch controller. 


Both models come equipped with the awesome 4.6-liter V8 engine that runs on 386 hp and 8-speed automatic transmission. You can get AWD on both trims but it’ll drop your horsepower to 359. Overall, performance-wise, there are clearly better choices available to you, especially with the available European choices like the BMW 7 Series or the Audi A8. You’ll feel that the car is a bit slower than you would want for the car this class, there’s not a clear feel of control, and some reviewers were annoyed with overly sensitive brakes.  


Unsurprisingly, you’ll find all of the must-haves and then some on all of the trims. Lexus offers an impressive standard tech lineup that includes Bluetooth, USB, Voice Recognition, Cruise Control as well as the Hands-Free Phone, Remote Keyless Entry, Push-Button Engine Start, plus there’s also a Navigation System, access to the Internet, Real-Time Traffic Information, Smartphone Interface and much more. The standard entertainment options include the iPod Connector, MP3 Player, Premium or the Satellite Radio along with the Bluetooth Streaming Audio and the CD Player. Standard safety tech is impeccable. 


The price tag for the 2017 LS 460 will range somewhere between 54 000  USD to 72 200 USD. Of course, the price for the used vehicle always depends on the mileage and condition. As for the LS 460 L, it’ll set you back a cool 80K, if you prefer AWD – add another  4 000 to the price tag. 


The LS 460 is a five or four-seater (depending on the options you decide on) with more than enough head and legroom both in the front and back. The LS 460 is actually one of those rarities when sitting in the back is just as comfortable as the front seats. Generally, the driving position can be seen as a bit too high. The main highlight  – the Executive class package for the seats in the back. It is available only for the LS 460 L trim and offers reclining right-side seat with ottoman and an unbelievable shiatsu massage function. 

Climate control

The dual-zone automatic climate control is standard and by opting for the Ultra Luxury option you’ll be cruising with a four-zone automatic and even the rear seat console and back seats will have the cooling option. 

Infotainment System

The infotainment has now frustrated enough drivers for Lexus to start addressing the complaints. Lexus is trying to enhance the infotainment system with full-screen navigation and the absolutely necessary control buttons for the Remote Touch interface. 

Storage and Space

You won’t have a problem finding places for your personal items, there’s more than enough shelves, compartments or cup holders. There are 18 cubic feet of cargo space in the LS 460. 


Exterior of Lexus LS 460

It is an extremely comfortable and convenient car in all regards. As far as comfort goes, it is almost impossible to find a better car, it is quiet, comfortable, easy on the eyes with outstandingly plush seating. 

Seat comfort

Seat comfort-wise the LS 460 could be considered an anomaly: there are expert reviews that claim the seats in the back are more comfortable than those in the front. And the Ultimate luxury package proves them right: the back seat has reclining right-side seat with ottoman, a shiatsu massage option, wood-trimmed console table with controls for climate, audio, and even the Blue-ray entertainment system. 

Ride comfort

We can honestly say that the ride comfort is superb, though there is a bit floaty feeling to it. As we’ve mentioned above, the suspension needs some work and rivals offer a better level of ride comfort without that annoying “floating on air” feel. 


The noise cancellation is absolutely unparalleled, plus it feels like the LS 460 is almost “ironing out” the road imperfections, bumps, and corrugations so they can only be heard through the big wheels and never actually felt. 

Safety & Reliability

The IIHS awarded the LS 460 the top score of Good. 

Should I Buy the Ford Expedition?

You should surely take it for a test drive; it is an exceptionally luxurious car. 

How Much Does it cost?

54 000 USD – 84 000 USD