Lexus GX 470 Review

The Lexus Grand Crossover or the GX was launched in 2002. The GX 470 we’re reviewing today is the last SUV of the first GX generation that was fully revamped and redesigned into the GX 460 in 2009. This means that today we will be reviewing a vehicle that is over 10-year-old. Luckily, Lexus is one of those great resale brands: their cars that last longer and work better. By now we’ve seen even 20+ year-old Lexus models that can not only equal, but at times even exceed the quality of some new market entries that shall remain unmentioned. Therefore, a decade-old GX can be a prize, so let’s get started with the review. 

The Pros

  • Good off-roading capabilities
  • Impressive high-quality cabin materials
  • Comfortable upscale interior
  • Admirable towing power 

The Cons

  • Cramped third row of seats
  • Handles more like a truck
  • Subpar fuel economy
  • Maximum seating option significantly cuts cargo space 

Lexus GX 470 Overview

Lexus GX 470

The GX 470 was manufactured for those looking for a mid-range SUV, meaning those shopping somewhere in-between the near-upscale RX and the absolutely luxurious LX. Since the GX is based on the Toyota 4Runner platform, it is essentially a boosted upscale Toyota. This particular SUV is a fun ride, and, generally, anyone looking for a quality SVU with in-the-city maneuvering capabilities, but mainly great towing power and strong off-roading performance will be very happy with the 2009 GX model.

As any Lexus vehicles, the GX is very comfortable and convenient with plush seating, just enough roominess, and a great standard tech lineup, though if you are a recent Lexus enthusiast there’s a bit of a disappointment for you: 2009 wasn’t the year Lexus introduced their  now trademark aggressive look with the spindle grille, that happened much later in 2014. 

There’s only one trim available for the 2009 GX 470.


The 2009 Lexus GX 470 exterior does feel dated, so you have to be prepared not even for 2009 sort of design, but rather a much earlier one, as almost nothing has changed exterior-wise since the GX launch in 2003.  There’s almost no beloved Lexus masculinity and aggression to the 2009 design, on the contrary you’ll see softer more rounded shapes and lines. The grill is ridiculously small and uninteresting if compared to the spindle we’ve all grew to love these days. One of the biggest drawbacks is the side-hinged rear door that is frustrating and turns the simple cargo loading process into a real challenge; moreover it is hinged on the passenger side and always blocks curbside access when opened. 


Interior of the Lexus GX 470

Just like any other Lexus vehicles, the GX’s interior is luxuriously furnished, comfortable and convenient. There are upscale leather and bird’s-eye maple trim accents all around the cabin. All of the controls and buttons are clearly marked and comfortably spaced within reach. The seats are plush and supportive, though the third row is definitely better suited for children. 


Powering the Lexus GX 470 is the awesome 4.7-liter V8 that generates up to 263 hp. The 2009 GX has a 5-speed automatic transmission and though it does have a somewhat truck resembling feel to it, the GX offers a very smooth and refined ride quality, but serious off-roading might take it up a notch to a bumpy  ride. The fuel ratings are 14 mpg in the city traffic vs. 18 mpg on highway speeds. One of the best perks for the 2009 GX is the optional KDDS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System) that is able to trim body roll by up to fifty percent simultaneously maintaining excellent ride compliance. 

Interior of Lexus GX 470


This particular SUV has a pretty good standard tech lineup for a 10-year-old vehicle. The standard tech package includes Bluetooth, Cruise Control, Hands-Free Phone, Remote Keyless Entry, and Navigation with Voice Recognition. Entertainment tech is represented by the iPod Connector, Premium and Satellite radio and a CD Player. There’s also a premium 14-speaker Mark Levinson surround-sound system. Standard safety tech along with 5 strategically placed airbags also includes Child Door Locks and Seat Anchors, Stability and Traction Control and Rear View Camera. 


The prices vary depending on the condition, mileage, and where you’re buying your GX 470. The average price for a used GX in a fairly good condition is around 15 000 USD. The 2009 MSRP price was 47 615 USD.    


The GX 470 can accommodate up to eight people, though, the third row is better suited for kids,  there’s definitely not enough space for adults in the back. The front seats are power-adjustable. Leather upholstery and heated power front seats are both standard for the GX 470. 

Climate control

The 2009 GX has a dual-zone automatic climate control. 

Infotainment System

There’s a decent optional navigation system that comes with a HR digital display. It is voice activated and allows iPod integration as well as phone book synchronization via Bluetooth. 

Storage and Space

There is enough storage space for personal items with the available shelves, compartments and cup holders. The cargo space is 13.2 cubic feet with all of the seats intact. That space can be boosted to 49.7 when third row is removed from the vehicle and with the second-row folded the cargo jumps to a capacity of 77.5 cubic feet.  Towing capacity for the GX 470 is 6,500 pounds. 


It is a comfortable vehicle, the GX 470 checks a lot of comfort boxes; it offers a smooth ride, with a bit of roughness when off-roading, has a comfortable cabin and supportive seating. Though tech-savvy shoppers that look to high-tech features to provide comfort need to redirect their search and check out newer GX models, like the 2018-2020 GX 460. 

Lexus GX 470 Review 2019

Seat comfort

The two front rows of seats are supportive and comfortable with just enough leg and headroom, though comfort-wise the second row is better suited for two adults and third would be comfortable for children. 

Ride comfort

The 2009 GX provides solid ride comfort, but there are definitely a lot of rivals that ride more comfortably.   


The GX 470 rides more like a truck and you should expect a bit of a rough ride and more body roll than most rivals when off-roading.  

Safety & Reliability

There are no results for most of the standard safety tests. IIHS issued a “Good” test result for the Moderate Overlap Front Test and Rear Crash Protection / Head Restraint has a “Poor” result. There has been one safety recalls issued from NHTSA. 

Should I Buy the Lexus GX 470?

If you are looking for a used SUV for off-roading with good towing power you should definitely take the 470 for a test drive. 

How Much Does it cost?

15 000 USD