Lexus GX 460 Review

The GX is a very popular Lexus model. The 2019 GX or Grand Crossover is a second-generation vehicle of the GX model that was launched by Lexus 10 years ago. Of course, during the last decade, it has undergone more than a few face-lifts along with tech and safety upgrades, though the last major revamp took place in 2014 when GX got the now iconic Lexus spindle-grille. And, since Lexus has already rolled out the campaign for the 2020 model, we can tell you that the next year’s grille redesign has taken it to a whole new level of craziness, it look monstrous and beyond amazing. We strongly urge you to Google the 2020 images. Though, that’s a story for another day, and another review, as for now – let’s look closely at the 2019 Grand Crossover.   

The Pros

  • KDSS (Kinetic dynamic suspension system)
  • Standard features now include blind-spot monitoring
  • Exceptional off-roading capabilities
  • User-friendly interior controls
  • Well-crafted cabin
  • Abundance of tech and safety features on the top trim
  • Entertainment system for the back row
  • Alexa integration available 

The Cons

  • Subpar fuel economy
  • Infotainment needs a revamp
  • Third-row seats aren’t for adults
  • Cabin design looks a  bit dated
  • Acceleration nothing to write home about 

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Lexus GX 460 Review

It is a good utilitarian vehicle with a unique appearance. There were no big changes in 2019 from the previous models, except, Lexus has made a single and very necessary change: they’ve added blind-spot monitoring as a standard feature on all of the GX trims. Overall, this is a great luxury SUV and Lexus deserves phrase for its upscale materials, exiting safety tech innovations, awesome off-roading and above-average towing capacity. 

Though, there are a few major drawbacks: infotainment is frustrating, the handling is so-so, the steering feels lite, the fuel efficiency needs to be better and it is time to spruce up and modernize the exterior design and the cabin. The 2019 Lexus GS is currently holding the nineteenth spot out of twenty in the 2019 Luxury Midsize SUVs, so second to the last, which for Lexus vehicle is a disaster. 

There are base and Luxury trim levels available for the 2019 GX.   


Exterior of Lexus GX 460

Honestly, apart from some necessary changes here and there, the GX hasn’t really changed that much for the better part of 10 years. Nowadays, the 2019 Lexus GX is all about the square-shouldered shape and the spindle-grille that was added just a year ago to give the GX a sportier and sexier look. It’s a big and heavy vehicle and it looks like it is ready for some crazy off-roading. Additionally, we all love the sideways-swinging rear door, but, it is hinged on the right side and some drivers find it very annoying as the loading from the curbside is never a convenience. 


Interior of Lexus GX 460

Moving on inside, you’ll find space for seven passengers and an abundance of configurations for both – people and cargo. But, even though all of the materials are upscale, the cabin itself looks dated. Moreover, it is very surprising, but, apart from the first row we’ve found all of the second and third-row seats very uncomfortable. Moreover, the third is cramped and is better suited for kids. 


Both trims run on the 4.6-liter V8 engine with 301 hp. It is a great engine capable of delivering strong performance. This rather exemplary engine is paired with the 6-speed transmission. As for the mpg you can expect eighteen on those highway speeds and fifteen in the city. The 460 also offers a decent acceleration and the breaks have a very reliable and responsive feel.    


The GX tech package is fine, though, honestly, nothing to write home about. Adding the blind-spot monitoring to the standard pack is a great move on the Lexuse’s part. But, overall standard tech package is pretty unimpressive: 8.0-inch touchscreen with a rather sub-par digital signage and the very basic standard features include Bluetooth, two USB ports and satellite radio. Navigation is optional. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is still unavailable, which is getting frustrating.  


A base price of 52 505 USD for a huge luxury SUV is a very reasonable, and the top-tier variant of the GX 460 Luxury starts at about $63,530 before any options are  added. 


The Lexus GX 460 is a seven-seater. Standard seat upholstery is faux leather can be swapped for optional genuine leather, seats can be ventilated or heated. This particular model also offers heating and ventilation for the back row of seats. There’s also the option of a second-row captain’s chairs, but then the number of the seats drops by one, making it a six-seater. In the first two rows of seats, you’ll find more than enough room for passengers of all sizes with just the right amount of leg and headroom. 

Climate control

The dual-zone climate control is available on all trims which will allow you to easily set, adjust and maintain a comfortable environment. 

Infotainment System

Lexus needs to step it up with the infotainment, it is a big letdown. The voice controls aren’t working properly, the graphics are a disappointment and a major fail – there is still no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto support. Moreover, all of the tech goodies, as well as the great safety functions all come with an option package thus are very costly. 

Storage and Space

The cargo space is not impressive for an SUV: there are 11.6 cubic feet available for you behind the last row of seats. If folded, there’s 46.7 cubic feet  and with both rows down you’ll get a total of 64.7. 


Exterior - Lexus GX 460

Overall, you will be comfortable in the GX 460. The cabin has great isolation, so you can expect a quiet ride, climate control is on point. The ride is fine, you definitely won’t get car sick. But, we are used to a much higher Lexus standard comfort-wise: seats aren’t that great and infotainment is annoying.   

Seat comfort

The seats are a letdown: they do not offer much lumbar support and feel flat. Most of the reviews point to drivers and passengers feeling uncomfortable even after a ten-minute ride. As for the leg and headroom – there’s definitely plenty of it in the first row, the second row is comfortable enough and the third row is better suited for kids. 

Ride comfort

Comfort-wise, the seating and the newest tech plays a vital role nowadays, and, you will certainly have better choices for the price. 


The way the GX 460 is made resembles more of a truck and not a comfortable luxury 2019 SUV. Though, generally, it offers a smooth ride, without that annoying big car floaty feeling. The ride gets uneven over bumps and pavement cracks.   

Safety & Reliability

Safety information on crash test ratings are not available for the GX 460. 

Should I Buy the Lexus GX 460?

Note, that consumer reviews are more than 80% positive, people love this vehicle, so you should check it out. 

How Much Does it cost?

52 505 USD – 63 905  USD