Lexus ES 330 Review

Today we are reviewing the 2006 Lexus ES 330. Evidently, it’s not the latest ES model; we can actually place it somewhere in the middle of the ES production period, as this particular mid-size luxury sedan has been cursing our roads for decades. Lexus has launched the nameplate back in 1989 and this year we’ve already welcomed the 2020 addition to the ES lineup – the exceptionally cool, sleek and stylish ES 350 and the ES 300h. These days the ES is well into its seventh generation, having sold well over 2.3 million cars since its launch. But, let’s leave the new ones for another day and another review and focus on a real bargain – the very well-crafted and smart thirteen-year-old Lexus ES 330. Especially knowing that age doesn’t have much power over Lexus vehicles; they hold up well with time and are now more relevant than ever. 

The Pros

  • Whisper quiet cabin
  • Superior quality of ride
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Trouble-free ride 
  • Well-designed luxury interior
  • Exceptionally accommodating seats 

The Cons

  • Dated exterior
  • Seats in the back don’t fold down
  • 2006 tech

To qualify for the outstanding Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Program car must be six model years old or newer with seventy or less thousand miles 

Lexus ES 330 Overview

When it comes to cars, few build them as well as Lexus. So, if you are looking to purchase used Lexus chances are you will end up with a great vehicle. Just visit the or the Kelly Blue Book and read the 2019 reviews. You will be surprised how many people are head-over-heels in love with this car and the way it is praised is unprecedented. We urge you to get online and read the brand’s customer reviews, especially from people that are riding in a 10-20-year-old vehicle.

All in all, the 2006 Lexus ES 330 was available for three years (2003-2006), having replaced the 300 and paving the way for the 350. And the vehicle has even managed to get a face-lift during those short production years. 

The 2006 ES has all of your Lexus-favorite driver-centric setup and customer-centric approach. ES 330  offers a supple ride, it is well-equipped and the interior is luxurious, comfortable and exciting. 

This particular ES is available in a single trim. 


This is a classic Lexus, which, if you are just jumping on the Lexus train, has close to nothing in common with the current version. Though it is a very attractive car, it does look a tad dated just because of all of the exterior details being on the smaller side, nowadays you’ll be hard-pressed to find such a tiny grille or small and narrow headlights.  During the 2004-2005 model year, the ES got a bit of a facelift, so just keep in mind that the 330 has different exterior looks within the 3 years of production. The redesign included new front and rear fascias, clear taillights, projector headlights, and a new look for the grille. 


It is definitely an interior build by Lexus, a very handsome cabin. Everything to the tiniest detail is accommodating, upscale and exudes quality. There is a lot of expensive leather, and top-notch wood detailing throughout the interior. It is well-crafted, thought-through, as well as exceptionally quiet. Besides that, the 330 is spacious in the front and back, with a quite roomy trunk for cargo. This particular model has a sunroof. 


The ES 330 is powered by the 3.3-liter V6 that generates up to 218 hp. Paired with the five-speed automatic transmission the ES 330 offers a smooth and refined performance. The adaptive variable suspension system was optional, so you are going to have to additionally check what you have on the used sedan you’re looking to purchase. Fuel economy inside the city lines is 18 MPG, on highways 27 MPG and combined 21 MPG.  


There is not much you can expect from the 2006 tech, even in the upscale luxury sedan. The newest cutting-edge technology just wasn’t available back then, but everything that was will be found in your Lexus. So, Cruise Control, Hands-Free Phone, and the Navigation System are all at your disposal. There’s also an MP3 Player, Premium Radio and a CD Player. Additionally, the DVD-based navigation system with voice activation or the upscale and highly praised Mark Levinson audio system, satellite radio, in-dash six-disc CD changer were all optional. So, you’ll know what to look for in the used car. 

Our best suggestion here – invest in a tech you need in your car. Nowadays you can teleport your 2006 sedan into 2019 by investing in a great Car Audio Systems with a spot-on HD screen and a Digital Media Station Featuring Apple CarPlay, Android Auto & Spotify, etc. It’ll set you back somewhere between 400-1000 USD. 


The prices vary depending on the condition and mileage. Currently ES costs somewhere in-between 2 416 USD and 10 900 USD. 


The 2006 ES is a five-seater. The dual power front seats and the power front seats with memory along with the sublime leather upholstery with walnut or golden bird’s eye maple wood trim all come standard on the 2006 ES. Heated and ventilated seats were optional. 

Climate control

The ES 330 has a dual zone automatic climate control. 

Infotainment System

You’ll find a CD player, 6 disc CD changer, radio, and a navigation system. 

Storage and Space

The 330 has a large trunk with 14,5 cubic feet of available cargo space, and even though the seats don’t offer additional room, you’ll be comfortable with the available trunk space, it is more than enough for a sedan.


The ES 330 is extremely comfortable in all regards. Generally, Lexus always had a driver-centric set-up, so the driver will feel right at home – comfortable and at ease.

Seat comfort

All of the seats on the ES 330 are supportive and plush. You’ll be able to appreciate the Lexus effort on the long rides. The leather upholstery is soft to the touch which additionally boosts comfort. The two seats in the front have a bit more space available to driver and passenger and they offer more adjustability and better lumbar support. The seats can optionally be heated/ventilated. 

Ride comfort

The ES provides both the driver and passengers the highest level of comfort with smooth, stable and refined ride. 


Lexus offers an extremely quiet ride, a kind of ride that floats and easily absorbs most of the road anomalies, thus offering a quality, cushion-soft ride. 

Safety & Reliability

Most of the crash test ratings from the NHTSA are 5 out of 5 stars. 

Should I Buy the Lexus ES 330?

It is a great choice if you are looking for a used upscale sedan. 

How Much Does it cost? 

2 416 USD – 10 900 USD